Dear Recycle 1 Teammates and Loyal Clients,

Recycle 1 has crossed yet another important milestone for our company: this month, we’re celebrating twenty years of business! For 20 years, we’ve worked to convert today’s waste into tomorrow’ products.

Our beginnings were humble. Recycle 1 began as the Arizona Division of Western Pacific Pulp & Paper. But throughout the years – through hard work and dedication to exceptional service – we have evolved into a family of companies that offers a wide range of recycling services. I’m proud that we not only serve our local Arizona market but now we’ve grown to have a large international customer base as well.

Our success would not be possible without the support of our clients and our team members. You’ve folded Recycle 1 into the fabric of your operations and your lives. It’s an honor to work towards Zero Waste, together.

To our incredible clients: We are appreciative and honored to work with you. Thank you for believing in our abilities, and for the opportunity to help you achieve your goals and vision. Many of you have become friends and trusted advisors, allowing us to not only grow as a company but giving me permission to grow as an individual. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and loyalty throughout the years.

To the entire Recycle 1 team: Surviving in business for 20 years is no small achievement! It takes the dedication and work ethic of great people like yourselves. I’m so gratefully for the opportunity to work with you every day – a group of talented, passionate and caring people. Your willingness to give it your all and to help each other through any challenge is what makes you special.

I’ve gathered a few key milestones from our 20 years together:

  • 1995: The Arizona Division of Western Pacific Pulp & Paper (WPPP) was formed.

  • 1996: WPPP forms a management agreement with Arizona Center for the Blind Recycling Center, and moves into their facility at 3030 S. Washington Street in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • 1997: Arizona Pacific Pulp & Paper becomes a corporation. Barry Froman acquires the existing partnership with WPPP. Arizona Pacific Paper and Arizona Center for the Blind jointly move to a new facility at 302 S. 28th Street.

  • 2002: Arizona Pacific Pulp & Paper purchases Complete Compactor to expand into the sales and service side of waste and recycling.

  • 2003: Arizona Pacific Pulp & Paper opens a second location at 2101 Grand Avenue. This location also allows for railroad access.

  • 2004: Barry Froman purchases the assets of Arizona Center for the Blind Recycling Center. He leases the name of the company.

  • 2010: Two new facilities are purchased: 3040 S. 45th Street, for the Arizona Center for the Blind Recycling, which gives them the additional space they required; and 3209 S. 36th Street, for Arizona Pacific Pulp & Paper

We have accomplished so much during our first 20 years. We’ve empowered countless businesses and individuals to realize their full potential. But now, what matters most is what we do next.

I look forward to decades more of success and positive impact throughout the communities we serve.

With sincere gratitude,