Reprocessed Plastic PelletsRecycle1 is proud to announce its biggest investment to date as we seek to help businesses vertically integrate: a plastic extrusion machine. This machine is a game changer for businesses looking to close the loop by investing in recycled, reproduced materials. Using our plastic extrusion machine, Recycle1 can now offer you a sensible, cost-effective path for purchasing plastic pellets to use in the manufacturing of your plastic products. We have been in production for just a few weeks now, after many months of planning, we’re open for business!

How it works

Recycle1 is dedicated to working towards zero waste, and our plastic extrusion machine allows us all to take one step closer. We start by collecting plastic scrap material, then cleaning it and recycling it for an entirely new manufacturing purpose. For example, clean shrink wrap from a warehouse can be collected, recycled and then formed into plastic pellets, or repro, using our plastic extrusion machine. The repro can then be used again, by the same manufacturer, to create new shrink wrap for their products, truly closing the loop on the entire production process, leaving no waste behind. And along the way, we manage all of the logistics and monitor the production for complete quality control.

The benefits of closed loop manufacturing

We ship our quality plastic repro to all locations in the United States, and nearly anywhere around the world. Depending on what your specifications are, you can place your order and it can be on its way to you within a few business days.

  • Massive cost savings: Need repro for your plastic decking, fencing or plastic soda bottles? Plastic is a key component in countless everyday products. Rather than start with net new plastic, repro gives you the materials you need to build your product for 50-60% less than what you’d spend if you were to purchase new. Again, that’s nearly 60% off the per pound or per ton price!
  • Custom plastic pellets: We frequently get calls from manufacturers looking for a very particular color, or a specific chemical composition for their plastic repro. We’re fully equipped to fulfill these custom requests. In fact, we can source plastic material in any specification you need, and as much as you need.
  • Zero waste:  Achieving vertical integration using recyclable materials requires deep expertise and a vast network to source the appropriate scrap materials. Recycle1 has the experience, technology and partners to deliver your recycled material, in the specs you require. This creates a system of mass efficiency, allowing you to control your product every step of the way.

Take the first step toward vertical integration by contacting Recycle1 today to learn more.