Economic Sustainability

As a leader within the business recycling community, we know many of our clients struggle with the classic battle of being environmentally conscientious while striving for tremendous growth. How can companies expand their products and services, grow their customer base or innovate if they feel at all restrained by environmental parameters? We see companies grapple with these two concepts all the time.

This debate is happening in parallel to an enormous number of companies creating their own in-house sustainability programs. And, by doing this, they’re bringing the idea of being a responsible, sustainable business not only into their internal programs—like product development and product procurement—but educating their customer base as well.

Sustainability for good

That’s right—the idea of business sustainability is on the precipice of going mainstream.

The United Nations recently backed this concept in its “Towards a Green Economy” report. It’s states: “Mounting evidence also suggests that transitioning to a green economy has sound economic and social justification. There is a strong case emerging for a redoubling of efforts by both governments as well as the private sector to engage in such an economic transformation.” The report makes the case that a green economy only helps to reduce poverty, eliminate inequity, promote energy efficiency and provide numerous other benefits to society.

A growing number of companies are running with this idea from the start. These companies have sustainability built into their business core. It’s part of their core value system, affecting their entire product line and operations. And in most cases, these businesses are seeing increased revenue and overall growth.

Recycle 1’s approachEnvironmentally Conscientious Business

Recycle1 aims to help companies achieve their sustainability goals, by partnering with them to increase their waste efficiencies, create innovative new revenue streams and streamline their recycling operations. It’s in this sense that everyone within the community comes out on top: businesses have a guide to helping them achieve their environmental goals; waste is more efficiently managed; and recycling “green” jobs are created to match the growing demand within the community.

We offer our clients the most innovative methods to reduce waste and recycle, including document destruction, paper shredding and recycling services, top-to-bottom waste audits and more. Contact Recycle 1 today to learn how we can fold into your sustainability program or help you create one from scratch.