Shredding documents yourself isn’t a big deal…or is it?

Documents to be ShreddedLet’s take an objective view. If you’re a small business with a modest shredder, you may think that shredding documents yourself, and maintaining compliance with document destruction laws, is no big deal. After all, the few minutes it takes you to sort through your paperwork, walk to the shredder, and feed the machine doesn’t seem too burdensome. That is, until you have five employees, or 10 employees or more. Suddenly, your in-house shredding costs skyrocket to several hundred dollars a month.

Your goal: protect confidential data and remain in compliance

Shredding is one of the easiest ways to prevent identity theft. It’s a low-hanging fruit deterrent. Any document that has personally identifiable information, such as name, address, phone number, date of birth, should be shredded. Shredding not only protects your customers, it dramatically reduces your risk and liability in handling highly confidential information on paper.

What the numbers say

Here, Recycle 1 depicts what typical costs of in-house shredding look like for a small business. This view considers the number of employees, average hourly pay, shred time in minutes per day, total labor cost and much more. It’s a drilled-down view into the mechanics of shredding.

The result: shredding sensitive documents yourself will cost three to four times more than it would if you used a pickup service. The truth is that in-house shredding is extremely inefficient when you consider the actual costs.

Recycle 1 Document Destruction

More than a thousand customers of all sizes trust Recycle 1 with their document destruction. We do it all in our 30,000 square foot NAID certified secure facility in Phoenix. Specially trained drivers pick up documents, load them into a locked truck and then take them to our facility for destruction and then recycling.

And, Recycle 1 does not simply shred documents—we absolutely destroy them. We use a special process with high speeds and even higher capacity, allowing us to shred documents within 24 hours of document drop off. We also have mobile shredding capabilities so we can shred boxes of documents on site on a mobile shredding truck.

See it for yourself

Do you still believe that in-house shredding is the most safe and cost-effective option for you? We urge you to run the numbers so you can make the most informed and data-driven decision possible for your business.

And, if you’re ready to ditch your in-house shredder, please contact Recycle 1. We’ll provide you with a fast service quote. Or, feel free to sign up for a quote here.