Liquid Product RecyclingWhen businesses think of recycling their waste, they may not initially consider recycling liquid products. Just like any other waste, liquid products may need to be destroyed. Everything from soda and soap to beer and dish detergent—these products, and their containers, can be properly destroyed and then recycled, keeping them out of landfills. Not only does liquid product destruction help minimize waste in our landfills, it gives businesses and manufacturers a path to reducing their liability and may even uncover a new revenue stream for them.

Read on to see what liquid product destruction is, and why more and more businesses are investing in this service.

What is liquid product destruction?

There are many reasons why businesses may be motivated to destroy their products, and the environment is just one of them. Events such as product recalls, expired products or even misprinted labels create an extraordinary chain of risk and liability for businesses of all sizes. When these events happen, most businesses want to do one thing: get their product off the market and away from the hands of consumers, fast. Previously their first thought was simply to pay the large fees and landfill the items.

Liquid product destruction changes this. Just like you’d send confidential documents through a paper shredder to protect your business, you can send your liquid products through a similar process. Your liquid product is removed and destroyed, while the exterior containers are recycled. Recycled containers may be broken down into their core elements to be reused again, or sold to other businesses who want affordable manufacturing materials.

Regardless, liquid product destruction is a win across the board: you get your products off the market, you reduce your liability, landfills take less of a hit and we may even wind up with materials that can be reused!  

Peace of mind for businesses

Recycle1 is one of the few facilities in the Western United States where this is even possible. Our services are completely custom to your business. That means we assess your needs and consider how to make the process work, for every single product. We can pretty much do it all: beer, wine, distilled spirits, juice, sports drinks, pharmaceuticals, beauty products, soaps and lotions…well, you get the idea.  

Here’s a high-level view of how it works:Plastic Bottle Recycling Image

  1. The material is brought to our facility shrink-wrapped on pallets and taken to our liquid destruction area. You send materials to us as often as needed. We are flexible and will fold into your business operations.
  2. As the material is unloaded, we separate it by types of material (glass, plastic and or metal).
  3. Materials are placed on a conveyor belt that moves directly into our liquid shred machine.
  4. Items are shredded with a two-blade system with a screened shaker divider on the bottom. The shaker allows the liquid to go through our funnel system and into the holding tank, while the shredded containers are sorted over into a separate container. This material is then recycled.
  5. The holding tank is pumped into a digester. Enzymes are added and the liquid is turned into grey water within 12 hours. This grey water is then pumped out into a tanker. This tanker of grey water has been used for everything from watering local crops to washing other types of machinery.

How to get started

It’s easy to get started. Submit a service quote and talk with a liquid product destruction specialist. We are experts at helping businesses manage their waste, and we work with businesses across the U.S.