The Recycle1 “Meet the Team” is a series of articles that allow our clients and partners to get to know the team behind the brand.  

Michael Lipton at Recycle 1Michael is Recycle1’s “Director of Plastics” but like so many on the team, he wears a different hat depending on the day or the hour. He knows our plastic business inside and out, and works with businesses across the nation to help streamline their waste programs and devise strategies on how to get the most back from their plastic products and manufacturing processes. We’ve been lucky to have him on the team for seven years now. Meet Michael!

Describe your typical day.

I’m a problem solver. The day may start off and you may have a plan, but new things always arise. It keeps me on my toes.

Did you ever think you’d be in the recycling business?

I’ve been with Recycle1 for seven years now. It’s fascinating all the things you can do with plastic material. It’s actually a very creative process; there’s not one way to do it. You can tackle a problem many different ways.

Prior to Recycle1, I was in New York and then Vegas. I owned several businesses, and worked in the real estate and business consulting. But when the economy slowed down, I had to make a change. I’ve never looked back.

What a change for you!

When I took this job, I was told, “If you do this work here, you can do it anywhere in the world,” and it’s very true. It’s an incredibly specialized industry, but it’s also a huge industry. The challenge is there’s very little public awareness, but we’re working to change that.

How would you describe yourself?

People tell me that I’m to the point, very direct. I like to think I’m a good salesman. But I’ll always be direct with my customers; I’ll always give them the brass tacks. People are so busy, they have a million things going on. I think people appreciate that I do not waste their time, and I’ll always give them honest answers.

What’s something about you that many people may not know?

I studied at the New York Film Academy, I studied film production. I also lived in Italy from ’96 to ’98.

And what about outside of work?

I love to cook. I cook dinner six or seven nights of the week. On the weekends, I’m doing the typical run around and juggling fun activities with my family and life.