The Recycle1 “Meet the Team” is a series of articles that allow our clients and partners to get to know the team behind the brand.  

Jacqueline LintJacqueline is the perfect example of what happens when you put your whole heart into your job. She’s been with Recycle1 for more than a decade (how’s that for dedication?) and has risen through the ranks. She’s our resident expert on all things Recycle1, she’s insanely organized and always one step ahead. Meet Jacqueline!

What do you do at Recycle1?

I’m the Inbound Logistics Manager and Scale House Manager. I’m primarily a dispatcher, so my day is focused on routing our Recycle 1 fleet. In-between that, I am constantly routing, scheduling, taking phone calls, dealing with emails and miscellaneous issues that may arise. I also supervise a team of 9.


What are you known for?

I would say people know me for my no-nonsense approach to everything and fixing high-stress issues. I do well in stressful situations.

What do you like most about working at Recycle1?

I absolutely love leading my team, that’s the best part of the role. I also thrive on accomplishing tasks; I like checking things off my list! And there’s nothing more I like than taking a completely complex problem and unraveling it to make it manageable.

What are you most proud of?

My career growth. I started at the bottom with this company and have worked my way through the ranks over 11 years. I’m proud that I’ve been able to continue to grow and excel with Recycle1.

What do you want clients to know about you?

You can send any problem or issue or question my way. No matter what the hiccup or challenge is, I will fix it. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority for me and my team.

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