Complete compactor is your specialty company in all items and machinery recycling. We offer recycling/ waste equipment, sales, service and installation as well as full service repairs and maintenance.Our skilled team members are experts at fabricating whatever the client may need. Just ask and it can be done.

Looking to Buy, Rent or Lease? Complete Compactor has your equipment needs covered. With highly trained industry technicians no job is too small or too large for us to complete. From Custom set ups to the basics, Complete Compactor can be counted on to keep your business recycling program and all of your equipment running smoothly.

We can offer the following equipment (not limited to those below)

  • Cardboard balers are designed to deal specifically with compressing and binding cardboard, usually for recycling.

  • Compactors are used to condense or crush material; they have one or two mechanisms that press the material with extreme force to the desired size.

  • Double-ram balers have a separate ram for compressing recyclable material against a fixed wall and a second ram for ejecting the finished bale. Double-ram bales are generally denser, more uniform and use less wire-tie than single-ram bales. Double-ram balers are typically more expensive.

  • Downstroke baler is a baling device in which the compression ram and platen move vertically in the chamber.

  • Garbage or trash compactors are a powerful device used to condense waste, trash and garbage.

  • Horizontal balers load from one end with the material traveling through to the other end in a horizontal motion.

  • Open-end balers push the bale out and require and “auto tie” system, while a closed-end baler has a door at the end of the chamber.

  • Vertical balers load from the top or front of the machine and may have more than one bin in order to process different types or grades of material. They often have to be unloaded manually.

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