Smarter Recycling & Waste Management

Plastic Waste Management

By now, we know that plastic is a real problem—an epidemic on a global scale, affecting our oceans, our health, our businesses and our economies. We also know that China plays a major role in the issue overall, as a major producer and buyer of plastic. Now, we’d like to discuss moving forward to solutions; specifically, how can businesses change their narrative when it comes to plastics?

Recycle 1 can help. This is what we do best, we guide businesses on the path to smarter recycling practices, waste reduction strategies, Zero Waste plans and more.

Evaluate your Waste (know what you’re dealing with)

Before you can make a change, you need to make an assessment. Recycle 1 works with clients of all sizes to perform an end-to-end evaluation of their waste stream. This means we measure their waste, sort it and analyze it. This is a critical first step in streamlining your waste management practices and reducing your plastics.

When we perform a waste assessment, we can mutually grasp a clearer picture of what’s happening with your waste. For example, we may see that numerous recyclable items are making it to the trash pile. Why? This may be a clue that you need to focus on employee education or make recycling easier in-house, with color-coded bins and better signage.

Or, we may notice that you’re disposing of product that may be in a plastic container – one that can be repurposed and resold to companies around the globe. When this happens, Recycle 1 could convert your waste to plastic pellets and sell  to buyers who are eager for a cost-effective manufacturing product. (Did we mention that you get a share of the revenue from the sale?)

A Waste Management Strategy you can Achieve

Plastic Recycling & ManagementOnce we have a clear view of what is (or isn’t) making it to your waste piles, we can then tackle what to do with it. From streamlined recycling programs to a Zero Waste strategy, Recycle 1 is specially positioned to help businesses practice better environmental policies and be more socially responsible.

Taking a proactive approach to waste management is the first step in this evolution. We can help you get there—and get to a place where you’re using and/or disposing of far less plastic. Contact us to learn more.

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