What We Recycle

Recycle 1 recycles paper and plastic as well as non-standard materials and by-products. Our full service processing companies handle product destruction, with guaranteed security.
Our facility is one of the largest and most secure in Arizona and is fully NAID certified. We provide complete services, with pickup on your schedule along with competitive pricing.

How We Recycle

The how of our recycling services is what makes us different. In addition to providing proper product destruction we also provide complete, customized audits – so you know that products scheduled for destruction made it to our site and were properly disposed of. We provide pickup and all necessary transportation as part of our services. With non-standard materials we will, if possible, find an end user so they can be reused or reprocessed.

Our focus is on providing competitive, complete services which make it easy for companies and individuals to go green. We offer the best customer service and seek to make properly recycling at least as easy as dumping materials in landfill.

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