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How Much Is Your Office Shredder Really Costing You?2017-04-25T07:49:07+00:00

If you’re a business manager who thinks that “feeding the office shredder” is a cost effective way to protect your clients, customers or patients from identity theft and the unauthorized disclosure of private information…then calculate your own costs, to see just how much money “do it yourself shredding” is costing you.

An Office Shredder Costs A Lot More Than You’d Think

To illustrate, let’s take a look at a typical small business. As soon as information destruction laws went into effect they purchased a modestly priced personal shredder (Fellowes Powershred C-220C: http://www.fellowes-shredder.com/commercial.html) for $525.00. The chart below shows how much it cost this small business to operate their office shredder.

Office Shredder Cost Analysis
Number of employees 5
* Shred time (minutes) per day for each employee 6
Total Daily Shred Time (Minutes) 30
Average hourly wage (including benefits) $13.19
Total daily shred time (Hours) 0.50
Number of work days per month 21.67
Number of hours per month employees shred 10.84
Total Monthly Labor Cost To Shred $142.98
Purchase price of Fellows Power Shred SB-97C $525.00
Life expectancy of shredder (Number of months) 60
Monthly depreciation cost $8.75
Monthly maintenance cost $7.73
Total Monthly Equipment Cost $16.48
Total labor cost $142.98
Total equipment cost $16.48
Total Monthly Cost of Office Shredder $159.46
* Includes time to pick up paper, straighten pages, feed shredder, clean up and paper disposal
A Typical Small Business Office with 5 employees will spend $159.46 a Month using their office shredder:

USING Arizona Document Destruction COSTS JUST $35-$65 PER MONTH

In our example, there are five employees that use the office shredder during the course of a day, each averaging about six minutes of daily shred time or 30 minutes total per day for the entire office. (Remember shred time is not just the amount of time the shredding machine manufacture claims it takes to shred paper. One must also include the time to sort the documents, walk from the work area to the shredder, pick up and straighten the paper, feed the paper into the shredder and clean up any paper residue and when necessary, dispose of the shredded paper.)

Since the average hourly wage of their employees, plus benefits is $13.19. The total monthly labor cost to operate an office shredder is $142.98. Factor in depreciation and maintenance costs and the total cost of operating their office shredder is $159.46 per month.

Outside Shredding Service Will ALWAYS cost less

Now your costs will be different based upon how much you shred, your average hourly wage, initial cost of the shredder, etc. But the fact is that using an office shredder costs 3-4 TIMES as much as a monthly pickup by a shredding service and saving money isn’t even the best reason to use a shredding service.

The size of shred from an office shredder is not safe to dispose of anymore

“ChurchStreet, whose clients are mainly law agencies and private law firms, charges roughly $2,000 to reconstruct a cubic foot of strip-shreds. A cubic foot of shreds is generally less than 100 pages. Mr. Ford said ChurchStreet would soon offer a service to reconstruct cross-shredded documents – that is, those cut in two directions – for $8,000 to $10,000 per cubic foot.”

Arizona Document Destruction uses a process of hammermill shredding. Because this technique produces an infinite array of irregularly shaped particles, they are impossible to reconstruct, and especially so when commingled with dozens of other clients’ shredded waste.

It costs less if I buy my own shredder and have my own security bins.

In-house shredding programs minimally cost twice as much to operate as opposed to hiring Arizona Document Destruction. Machine acquisition costs, maintenance contracts on the equipment, labor, facility upgrades, electricity, security containers, additional background checks, and added office space for the equipment, combine to chew up any savings one might expect after purchasing a shredder. Using Arizona Document Destruction provides the additional intangible savings by eliminating a thankless job, superior security, better disposal, and substantially reduced liability.


How much can we expect to reduce our costs following and implementing recommendations from a Recycling Waste Audit?2017-01-15T23:25:05+00:00

Recycling Audits to maximize recovery of your resources and minimize your costs while striving towards our environmental commitments. For companies whose waste hauling costs exceed $500/mo, Recycle 1 can help your company to recycle, as well as reduce costs by 20-50%.

How long does a typical waste audit take to complete?2017-01-15T23:20:49+00:00

A waste audit is a formal, structured process used to quantify the amount and types of waste being generated by an organization. Once started we typically complete a comprehensive waste audit in under thirty days.

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