Commercial recycling to make the most of your company’s recyclable materials.


We can handle any and all of your materials: cardboard, office paper, plastics, and destruction of products.

Paper Recycling

Providing a premier, customer-centric, waste paper management service to our clients.

Plastic Recycling

Full-service plastic recycling services for any industry and individuals ready to go green.

Product Destruction

Focusing on re-using and re-processing all non-standard materials by finding an end user.

About Recycle 1 Services

Recycle 1 is the company for businesses to trust with converting today’s waste into tomorrow’s products. We recycle paper and plastic as well as non-standard materials and by-products.

Our Arizona Product Destruction company will secure your products for destruction with guaranteed security. Our facility is one of the largest and most secure in Arizona and is fully NAID certified.

In addition to performing secure product destruction, we perform waste audits that are tailored to each customer’s needs. Recycle 1 has an inventory of recycling and waste equipment for purchase, lease, and rental, and conducts repairs for these types of systems.

Located in Phoenix Arizona, Recycle 1 is a full-service recycling company offering recycling services for large publicly traded companies, mid-size & small companies, government agencies, municipalities, and individuals. We proudly service the entire state of Arizona, the Southwest United States and international clients.

Our family of companies has been offering Recycling Services since 1997. Our goal is to offer competitive pricing, impeccable service, and to provide custom recycling programs based upon your needs.

We have a full fleet of tractors, 53′ van trailers, flatbeds, roll-off trucks, and box trucks. We can drop trailers, roll-off bins, and compactors at your location. In addition to our local capabilities, we have the capability to pick up and deliver in the Southwest and West Coast of the United States.

How Much Is Your Office Shredder Really Costing You?

How much can we expect to reduce our costs with a Waste Audit?

How long does a typical waste audit take to complete?


A waste audit is a formal, structured process used to quantify the amount and types of waste being generated by an organization.

Recycle 1 works with businesses to perform waste and recycling audits, which involves closely reviewing a work location’s overall waste stream to identify materials that can be recycled. This is the starting point for developing a successful and cost-effective recycling program. We will visually inspect and detail the types and volumes of trash. This analysis will provide information for us to design a comprehensive recycling program customized to meet your company’s needs.

  • Identify and provide a breakdown of all materials currently generated.
  • Determine which items can be recycled.
  • Review options for recycling rather than landfill.
  • Compare the cost of landfill to the cost of implementing a recycling program.

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