Your Security is important to Recycle 1

We adhere to the most stringent of security protocols in order to keep your products for destruction secure.

From the screening and hiring of our employees to the transport and handling of products, Recycle 1 is at the forefront of the shredding industry in our commitment to achieving the highest levels of security. Our destruction process takes industry standards and increases them, and we proudly go above and beyond what is required of us with each and every job we take.

The Product Destruction operations are fully insured and bonded specializing in the certified destruction of all types of materials. We also offer customized recycling programs and waste audits. The Product Destruction Division is currently servicing over 2,000 clients in the state of Arizona and its neighboring states.

Our Product Destruction Division is so sure of the security and precision of our product handling that we extend an open invitation to you and your associates to visit our central Phoenix location. This will show you first hand that your material is being handled in the manner you have chosen and that our equipment has the capacity to handle the volume of material to be destroyed.

We also suggest that you feel free to visit the facility of any vendor you are considering. Since you are the one who is legally responsible for the information that your records contain, even after they are given to a company for destruction, you deserve to know how your material is being handled.

Recycle 1 provides you the following assurances for your destruction records:

  • Certificate of Destruction – this document is provided at the time of invoicing and certifies that the information you have given us has been shredded and destroyed.
  • Witnessing of your destruction can be set up in advance.
  • Certificate of Bonding and Insurance.
  • All shredding conducted under video circuit TV surveillance
  • For the protection of your confidential information, our entire facility is completely fenced and locked when premises are not occupied.
  • All shredded materials are immediately baled and recycled.

  • All Recycle 1 employees must undergo pre-employment drug & background testing as well as sign confidentiality statements.
  • All material we receive is shredded within 24 hours normally and always within 48 hours.
  • Any customer or merchant coming into our facility must first go into the office to sign in and receive a visitor’s badge.
  • All customer information is transported while in locking containers in a secured vehicle.

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