We offer the following services to help your company process its recyclables successfully

Paper Recycling

Providing a premier, customer-centric, waste paper management service to our clients.

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Plastic Recycling

Full-service plastic recycling services for any industry and individuals ready to go green.

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Product Destruction

Focusing on re-using and re-processing all non-standard materials by finding an end user.

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Paper Recycling

We believe that impeccable service is the single most important key in earning your business. In addition to processing the material, we offer transportation and logistic services, recycling equipment sales, service, and maintenance, and customized recycling programs.

  • Complete / Customized Recycling Services to make the most of your company’s scrap paper.

  • Full Service Processing to handle any and all of your materials: cardboard, wax cardboard, office paper, plastics, multiwall bags, and more.

  • Complete Brokerage Services to coordinate and handle all shipments.

  • Competitive Pricing to increase your profits.

  • Experienced, Friendly Staff to respond to your individual requests and service requirements.

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Plastic Recycling

Recycle 1 specializes in recycling plastic scrap produced off of manufacturing lines, at distribution centers, warehouses, and from other recyclers. We specialize in the following polymers:

  • Low density and linear low density Polyethylene (Recycling symbol #4 – LLDPE/LDPE) – Film scrap, bagging, stretch film, shrink film, film bales, Rigids such as caps, containers, runners, purge, regrind, repro, resin etc…
  • High density Polyethylene (Recycling symbol #2 – HDPE)- Film scrap, bagging, stretch film, shrink film, film bales, Rigids such as caps, containers, buckets, drums, barrels bottles, bottle caps, crates, runners, purge, regrind, repro, resin, etc…
  • Polypropylene (PP) – All forms of Unfilled PP, types of scrap recycled include – Bottle caps, bottles, runners, purge, crates, tubs, containers, parts & pieces, regrind, repro, resin, etc…
  • Expanded Polystyrene (Recycling symbol #6 – EPS) – EPS foam blocks densified
  • Polycarbonate – (Recycling symbol #7 – PC) – Runners, parts, pieces, pieces, regrind, repro, resin, etc…
  • Miscellaneous plastics – We recycle many other plastics such as PET, PVC, ABS, HIPS, Vectra, and Nylon, – please contact us for a full list.
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Reprocessed Resin (PELLETIZING)

Recycle 1 is closing the loop with reprocessed resin. We are making film grade reprocessed resin (Repro). This process allows us to recycle material and make a resin that will be used to create new products, thus closing the loop in the recycling process. Our material is used in the film & bag industry, outdoor furniture/ decking, and other industries that use Polyethylene Resin. We also offer tolling services to the film & bag industry – call for details and to ask us about our PCR Designation!

Product Destruction

We destroy defective products to protect the brands of the companies that make them. Product destruction assures that returned, discontinued, or outdated products do not return to the marketplace.

Many Companies prevent data theft by shredding the devices of former employees: Smart phones, hard drives, computers. Our Services ensure that your brand and business names are protected at all times. A combination of machine and manual processes are used to disassemble, break down, shred, or crush the products, which are then reused, recycled or disposed of in a safe, secure and environmentally manner.

Whether it is plastics, metals, wood or textiles, our secure product destruction program is specifically designed to provide our customers with liability protection for their products to ensure that the product does not reach the gray market.

All materials processed are recycled for reuse once destroyed and deemed unendurable. Through our program we offer a secure solution for the various product destruction needs of your company from off-spec product to promotional items as well as products, which are under a licensing agreement that has expired The potential liability associated with an off spec or out of date product ending up in the wrong hands needs to be factored into the disposal cost equation.

Through our product destruction program our expertise can help protect your company against product liability claims while ensuring proper disposal. Arizona Product Destruction has the technology and experience to destroy and recycle most company products, as well as safely dispose of them.

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We ensure the protection of your brand, business name and product details. We can also collect and securely dispose of any confidential documents & product including but not limited to:

  • Product Recall Items
  • Quarantine Waste
  • Out of Date Stock. Misprinted, Obselete, Overrun, and Returned Products
  • Electronic Equipment and Records along with E-Media & E-Scrap
  • Promotional Merchandise and Toys
  • Faulty, Overstock, Preparatory, Overruns, and Unsellable Product Destruction
  • Food Grade Perishables and Parma
  • Industrial Shredding and End Line Products

Certified Destruction of products is important to many organizations to make sure that inferior parts or seconds do not go to market. Arizona Pacific Plastics takes our role in this process very seriously; we have been in business since 1997 and have an excellent reputation of honesty and reliability.

All material coming into our facility is weighed through certified truck-trailer scales with sealed trailer doors, the materials will then be destroyed and weights collected for reporting and verification by weight and examination. Customers are free to inspect their materials during the destruction process at any time, with or without notice. This method protects the customer and Arizona Product Destruction to assure accountability in the destruction process allowing our customers written, documented and verifiable information for their records.

Liquid Product Destruction

Events such as product recalls, expired products or even misprinted labels create an extraordinary chain of risk and liability for businesses of all sizes. When these events happen, most businesses want one thing: to get their product off the market and away from the hands of consumers, fast.

Liquid product destruction achieves this. Just like you’d send confidential documents through a paper shredder to protect your business, you can send your liquid products through a similar process. Your liquid product is removed and destroyed, while your containers are recycled. Recycled containers may be broken down into their core elements to be reused again, or sold to other businesses who want affordable manufacturing materials.

Recycle 1’s liquid product destruction services are completely custom to your business. We assess your needs and consider how to make the process work, for every single product you need to destroy. We can do it all:

  • Alcohol

  • Juice and sports drinks

  • Liquid soaps

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Beauty products

  • Cleaning supplies, and more!

Liquid Product Recycling
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Waste Audits

Recycle 1 works with businesses to perform waste and recycling audits, which involves closely reviewing a work location’s overall waste stream to identify materials that can be recycled. This is the starting point for developing a successful and cost-effective recycling program.

We will visually inspect and detail the types and volumes of trash. This analysis will provide information for us to design a comprehensive recycling program customized to meet your company’s needs.

Benefits of a Waste & Recycling Audit:

  • Identify and provide a breakdown of all materials currently generated.
  • Determine which items can be recycled.
  • Review options for recycling rather than landfill.
  • Compare the cost of landfill to the cost of implementing a recycling program.
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Recycling Equipment, Compactors, and Containers

Our comprehensive services offerings and family of companies let’s us provide horizontal balers, down stroke balers, self-contained compactors, break away compactors, and most forms of recycling equipment.

In addition to equipment we supply both indoor and outdoor receptacles. All of our containers are durable enough to handle the toughest recycling needs. We have an extensive pickup schedule, so when you have filled your recycling container, just call us and we will be happy to pick it up and return it to our recycling center. And we’ll give you an empty container so your recycling process will not be interrupted.

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In addition to the above we offer the following services:

  • Complete Brokerage Services to coordinate and handle all shipments.
  • Competitive Pricing to increase your profits.
  • Experienced, Friendly Staff to respond to your individual requests and service requirements.
  • Certified Scales to ensure integrity.
  • Recycling Audits to maximize recovery of your resources and minimize your costs while striving towards our environmental commitments. For companies whose waste hauling costs exceed $500/mo, we can help your company to recycle, as well as reduce costs by 20-50%.
  • Full Service Trucking to tailor to your needs and also for immediate service.

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