What is liquid product destruction?

Events such as product recalls, expired products or even misprinted labels create an extraordinary chain of risk and liability for businesses of all sizes. When these events happen, most businesses want one thing: to get their product off the market and away from the hands of consumers, fast.

Liquid product destruction achieves this. Just like you’d send confidential documents through a paper shredder to protect your business, you can send your liquid products through a similar process. Your liquid product is removed and destroyed, while your containers are recycled. Recycled containers may be broken down to their core elements to be reused again, or sold to other businesses who want affordable manufacturing materials.

Protect your brand and business.

Recycle1’s liquid product destruction services are completely custom to your business. We assess your needs and consider how to make the process work, for every single product you need to destroy. We can do it all:

  • Alcohol
  • Juice and sports drinks
  • Liquid soaps
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Beauty products
  • Cleaning supplies
  • And more!

What do you do with old, expired and unsafe liquid products?

Recycle 1 is one of the few facilities in the Western states that can help you recycle and destroy your liquid products and their containers. Everything from soda and soap to beer and dish detergent—these products, and their containers, can be properly destroyed, keeping them out of landfills. Not only does liquid product destruction help minimize waste in our landfills, it gives you a path to reducing your liability—and it may even uncover a new revenue stream for you.

Recycle 1 works with businesses across the U.S. to safely and effectively destroy their liquid products, and reduce their liability.

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