Waste Audit & Paper RecyclingIf you have a current recycling program in your facility or office you may not be taking full advantage of our services. Recycle 1 recycles paper and plastics and provides document and product destruction services. We might be helping you with some of our services but not all.

You may be just touching the surface of what your program could become and the additional materials you could be funneling through it. You may also be missing key opportunities for cutting costs and boosting revenue by selling your scrap waste. Recycle 1 can help with both challenges.

The first step to getting more out of your program: a waste audit.

What is a waste audit?

A waste audit is the starting point for creating a robust, streamlined recycling program. Waste audits take a comprehensive review of your entire waste stream.

Here’s how it works. A Recycle 1 auditor will categorize each type of item you’re discarding, including its composition, weight, and volume. The auditor will also review the destinations for every category of waste your business generates. This data provides insights into which categories you may continue to discard, or what options you have for expanding your recycling program. There are three goals we’re looking to accomplish: Identify additional recyclable materials. Create a more efficient waste program. Reduce costs.

How can a waste audit save me money?

Waste audits cut the guesswork out of your waste management program. They provide you with accurate information to make informed, data-driven decisions on how you can run optimize your approach to waste management. The data from a waste audit even can shed light on your business’ buying habits. For example, are you purchasing products that are significantly contributing to your waste, and are there substitute products or packaging that can help you cut costs?

Bottom line: avoiding unnecessary disposal and hauling costs leads to significant savings.

Your obsolete inventory, a source of revenue?

Analyzing your waste can also lead to unexpected revenue streams. In fact, you may be disposing or spending too much to destroy obsolete or defective inventory when in fact it may have value.

A Recycle 1 waste audit will not only uncover these additional revenue streams, we also pay top dollar for our suppliers’ recyclable commodities.

It’s easy to get started.

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