Expired products run the risk of harming a brand, posting a health risk to consumers and creating additional and unnecessary waste. Through product destruction and de-packaging, companies can take control and rest assured that their expired or outdated products are no longer on the market.

Just like businesses may destroy old computer hard drives, or shred records to protect confidential data, product destruction works in a similar fashion. Products are broken down (crushed, shredded, disassembled, melted, etc.) and then the core materials are repurposed if possible. They may be made into plastic pellets, they may be turned into a food product for animals; they may be recycled. Only the materials which can’t be repurposed end up in the landfill.  The goal is to minimize landfill use and approach the products with the environment and Zero Waste to Landfill in mind.

How the Recycle 1- Arizona Product Destruction division process works

Through Recycle 1,  we offer customized solutions for your products, whether they are off-spec or expired items. We leverage state-of-the-art technology to dispose of your products safely and securely.

We can destroy just about anything.  Some examples are listed below:

  • Recalled items
  • Liquid Items- from shampoo/ soap to drinks
  • Out of date or expired stock
  • Promotional merchandise, including toys and items with batteries
  • Faulty products or unsellable products
  • Overstock products
  • Food-grade perishables and pharmaceuticals

Everything that enters our facilities for product destruction is weighed. Once destroyed, it is weighed again for verification if the customer is planning on going Zero Waste to Landfill. Additionally, you’re free to inspect your products at any time during the process.

Don’t forget liquid products.

Recycle 1 is also capable of destroying your liquid products. These include any products that have misprinted labels, outdated pharmaceuticals goods, expired foods and beverages and more. Businesses face tremendous liability when it comes to having their bad or outdated liquid products accessible on the market. Safely destroying your products protects you and consumers. Consider any liquid fair game for product destruction: alcohol, liquid soap, cleaning solutions, sports drinks, medicines and more.

A potential new revenue stream

The silver lining of product destruction: a potential path to a completely new revenue stream for your organization. The materials that make up your current products – or its containers – can often be destroyed and reused and sold to manufacturers. For example, a plastic container may be melted down, transformed into pellets and then sold to a manufacturer who can use your materials to make entirely new products.   The powder that has nutritional value in your bottle can be turned into animal feed.

In fact, this is what we’re really aiming for when we think of product destruction. We want to send as little material to the landfill as possible. Not only is this an environmentally-friendly practice, it can often be a lucrative new revenue stream for your organization – taking the costs that you’d typically incur for waste and landfills and turning it into something new.

Are you thinking of product destruction for your business? Recycle 1 can help. Let’s have a call to discuss your options.