Reducing Your Plastic Use

Reducing Your Plastic UsePlastic has taken over so many aspects of our lives. It’s in our food takeout containers. In our electronics. Our children’s toys are made of plastic. It’s in our bags, our household goods and heck, even in some clothes. No doubt – plastic is absurdly pervasive. And, with ongoing news cycle regarding the global plastic crisis – spurred by non-stop consumerism and China’s import practices – many businesses are scrambling to do something about it.

Some of it feels good, but also may be perceived as a bit of a PR play. For example, Starbucks has dismissed plastic straws. And McDonald’s is on a mission to create a new kind of coffee cup, one that is fully compostable. Regardless of the size of effort or the media, these efforts mark important steps in the journey to less plastic. And, we’ve got to start somewhere.

So, what can businesses do about the plastic crisis?

For large corporations: put your research hat on

Large corporations typically come with large resources, such as research and development departments and even teams dedicated to environmental sustainability. Many of these giants – perhaps even the Starbucks or McDonalds of the world – may be looked to for leadership roles in reinventing the plastics game. And, since these businesses manufacture so much of the plastic goods that are put out in the world, this is an opportunity for them to re-think their manufacturing ingredients, parts and processes for a more Earth-friendly solution.

Small businesses: every bit counts

Reducing Plastic Use & Recycling MoreSmaller businesses may not have large R&D teams, but they have the benefit of being nimble. Gather your team together and re-think your strategy. If you’re a coffee shop, why not start offering drinks in ceramic containers for people who are enjoying their beverage in-house? If you’re a restaurant, choose something other than plastic for your to-go containers. These decisions bring us one step closer to a healthier, cleaner planet.

Businesses of all sizes: start with a waste audit

It’s one thing to talk about reducing your plastic use, but it’s another thing to approach the conversation through the lens of data. Waste audits, like the ones Recycle 1 performs for businesses across the valley, serve as a smart starting point. This is our way of figuring out just what, exactly, you’re putting to waste, from plastic to “real trash” to paper. We can evaluate it, piece by piece, to give you a clear view of what’s happening on your side. Then (and this is the good part) – we can help you figure out what to do with it. (See how we helped one Arizona company on their goal to Zero Waste by 2020 – and it all began with a Waste Audit.)

This may mean taking your plastic waste – the one that you’ve historically sent to the dump – and breaking it down into pellet-size pieces for re-use elsewhere. It may mean guiding you to better sorting processes for all your goods. Or, even guiding your internal teams on company education.

Bottom-line: we’re here to help. There’s a very likely chance that there is more that you can be doing than you think. We can help you get there. Contact Recycle1 to learn more.